How to unlock My iPhone Carrier?

To unlock your iPhone using the "iPhone Carrier Unlocker" service, you just need to follow a few simple steps. First, extract your iPhone's IMEI number. Then, enter the IMEI in the provided form and complete the captcha. By submitting the form, the "iPhone Carrier Unlocker" team will request authorization for the unlock from Apple's server. Once the authorization has been granted, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to complete the unlocking process. It's that easy!

What do I need to unlock my iPhone carrier?

Unlocking your iPhone's network carrier is a simple process that only requires your iPhone's IMEI and a WiFi internet connection. If you don't have WiFi on your device, you can use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to iTunes. Once connected, iTunes will communicate with the servers at Apple and utilize our carrier unlocking service to unlock your device.

How do I know if my iPhone has been blacklisted?

If your iPhone has been reported lost, stolen, or as having unpaid bills by its original network carrier, it may be blacklisted. This means that even if you unlock your device, you will not be able to make calls with it. To determine if your iPhone is blacklisted, you should check with your carrier.

Will unlocking my iPhone's carrier cause any harm to my device?

Unlocking your iPhone's carrier is a straightforward process that does not require you to jailbreak or modify your iPhone's software or hardware. All you need to do is enter your IMEI into our form, and we will unlock your carrier by whitelisting it on Apple's servers. This will allow you to use any SIM card internationally.

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Why unlock an iPhone with our Service?

Our easy and Free iPhone unlocking service is compatible with all versions of iOS, up to and including iOS 12. Supported Apple models include iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G.

During the unlocking process your IMEI will be whitelisted on the Apple Activation Database, meaning it is an official and permanent unlock, as well as being safe and completely legal. What's more, your Apple Warranty remains unaffected!

Why us?

  • • 100% free service, the only one of its kind in the world
  • Recommended by Apple and network carriers
  • Fastest and safest way to unlock your iPhone
  • • Can continue using your phone during the unlocking process
  • • Does not affect your iPhone's warranty
  • • Allows you to use your iPhone with any network carrier worldwide
  • • Permanent and 100% legal
  • • And Much More..
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